How do you tell others about your business?

I met with a client last week and overheard them finishing a call with a potential customer. As they ended the conversation they made a wrap up of their business in 1 sentence, and it went something like this:

"I make jewelry by hand that is totally beautiful and your shoppers are going to go absolutely wild for it, trust me"

Um... what? Could this amazingly talented, beautiful, rock & roll spirited artisan really have said the most basic, boring pitch ever? Selling herself short like that? Undervaluing herself and her work in such a generic way? Isn't most jewelry beautiful which is why one wants to wear it?

Listening to this, I realized there was a need to help creative entrepreneurs and makers come up with a real zinger for their business - a line they could wear out and share until the cows came home that encapsulated their passion for what they do, their craft and how they create it, and/or what sets them apart from the rest of the world. 

With that in mind, check out this Quick Sales Pitch Builder (think Mad Libs to make money) that I created to help you get thinking about how to create that power summary for your business:


  1.  What is a word you hear others call your work? (ex: Whimsical, Inspiring, etc)
  2.  What is the mindset you get into when you're creating/work? (ex: Limitless, Aggressive, etc)
  3. What is it that you make & what are alternative ways to say it? (ex: Jewelry/Adornments/Accessories/Jeweled Trinkets for example)
  4. Who do you create it for? (ex: Driven business women, Costume designers, etc)
  5. Toss them all together to complete this sentence:

I CREATE ___(mindset) ____  ______(word others call your work)____ ____(what you make/alternative name you like)____ for ____(who you create it for)___!

Example: I create vibrantly whimsical visual images for people madly in love with their lives.

Now THAT sentence paints a picture, huh? Reminds me of our friends at LunahZon Photography! Check them out at:

REMEMBER: Be sure to share this line with enthusiasm and passion wherever you go - the transfer of energy is REAL and starts with you, biz owner!

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