Sales Advice for Introverts - Part 2

Sales Tips for Introverts - They have a spark

Introverts of the world, unite and rejoice. You've got a knack for the details, listening to what your customers need and want, and it's time to turn that into more sales for you and more freedom for your life - so let's talk about taking your spark and sharing it with the world!

Take out the stress and follow these 3 easy steps to success:

Keep it Simple, Have a Go-To! 

If you don't have a go-to one liner for your business that feels authentic, shares your passion and tells folks what you do, get one! As a business owner, you're the biggest cheerleader and poster child for your business, so act like it and share it from the rooftops. Wondering how to create your own one-liner that rocks? Check out our blog post about building one here!

Price yourself accurately & confidently - You're Worth It!

A lot of people look at what others are charging and price themselves around or sometimes under the others, assuming that their value is linked to others in a similar business. FALSE! Let me remind you of all the amazing ways your business is unique, valuable and filling a completely all-by-yourself niche in the world. Tap into that and build your pricing to reflect your years of experience, creative techniques, continued education, and other things that make your business one-of-a-kind. Need help? Check out our Packages page to see how I could help you!

Pump it UP!

Wonder Woman does it, so why don't you? Have a lasso of truth, sure, but what I'm talking about is that hands on the hip, power stance! Clinically proven to increase confidence and assertiveness (i.e. asking for the sale! saying hi and engaging your prospective clients), pumping yourself up is a sure-fire way to take away those pre-meeting, pre-trade show jitters. It's so awesome, Amy Cuddy, author and psychologist, dedicated a whole Ted Talk that's been viewed almost 40 Million Times! Check it out below:

{HINT: Try these body poses before your next big date, tough conversation or negotiating with someone about price and see how you feel/how it affects the outcome! So fun!]

At the end of the day, just remember my creative, amazing readers: 

You're not like everyone else and that's a POSITIVE!

Let your introverted, creative light shine and follow these steps to boost your shine so that everyone can see (and you won't have to fake a thing).

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