Talented Artists Don't Have to be Broke

how to make more money as an artist

Some artists have all the luck, the success. They know the right people, say the right things at the right place at the right time, and BOOM - success is handed to them on a platter. What about about the struggling, hard work, uber talented artists? Where's their success? 

I see you out there - the whatever-it-takes artists that are keeping their creative fires burning, no matter what it takes - and y'all, STRUGGLING IS NOT THE WAY TO LIVE And the starving artist look? Turns out it's only a cool fashion statement if you have some $ in the bank. 

You're probably working multiple jobs (barista, bartender, cubicle hell, etc). You're spending your creative energy on things that don't mean anything to you - a trade off of talent for pennies - and you're starting to wear down. For the bold, courageous types that launch into entrepreneurship, I know you're battling the balance of SUPER WOMAN BIZ OWNER and AMAZING CREATIVE - and guess what - that's a hard balance all alone, especially while trying to hold onto your artistic energy.

Are you reading this and nodding your head? Are you feeling that dream of a life you want start to tingle? 


  • I am talented and I'm driven - but it's so hard to pay my bills each month?
  • I'm giving my energy and time away to things I don't care about - how can I change this?
  • I know that if I could just get going, I could really make this a business.
  • My business is great, people love it, but why does it feel like I'm spinning my wheels with no end in sight?

Let's talk - Email me at rachel@shesellsshesoars.com and let's get working on that life you absolutely deserve to have.

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