Selling at Markets and Fairs - 3 Easy Sales Boosting Actions

So you know what to do, thanks to last week's blog post and how you can avoid falling in the typical ruts that creatives sometimes get into. Hooray! 

Now time to boost your sales immediately and easily, without any crazy sales pitches or uncomfortable pushing. Follow these tips and watch your success soar:

1. Give something.

Who loves winning something? Everyone in the WORLD will raise their hand, so at your booth I always encourage my clients to host a giveaway for something that would be valuable to their ideal clients. Are you a wedding planner? Give away a branded, free wedding budget and checklist guide along with a 30 minute review of the materials and how to use them. Are you a jewelry artist? Showcase your #1 seller that everyone wants and raffle off a free one. When giving, the key is to make sure you're also getting - their contact info, their follow on social media, or whatever is most important for your business that you know will convert into qualified leads and customers.

2. Make it easy for them to follow you.

A Facebook wiz? Is your Instragram on fleek? Are you kind of a big deal on the Twitterverse? Make it easy for folks to follow you but posting your main social media handle(s) for everyone to see and ASK PEOPLE OUT LOUD TO FOLLOW YOU! Seriously, asking people out loud to follow you when they admire your work is not a tall order. Whether you approach it from the BFF energy of "OMG I am so glad you stopped by - do you have Insta? What's your name?! I'm going to follow you!" or a more subtle, genuine "I post alot on my Facebook if you'd like to follow along - I sometimes do _______ on there, so you can keep your eyes peeled", gaining followers that are interested in you/your work and have met you in person is a gold mine of leads and referrals for you.

3. Thank everyone.

They stop by and talk to you? Thank them! They buy something? Thank them! They purchased in the past and shared how much they loved your product? Thank them! Everyone you meet today is a potential client, return client, referral and friend. Share a message of thankfulness and it'll leave a lasting, positive impression with them that they'll carry with them wherever they go.

While there are dozens of things that can boost your sales and increase your profits & freedom (and joy!) at trade shows and craft fairs, these are the 3 easiest, quickest and cheapest ways to make your sales soar. 

Remember - what you put out into the world is what you get back, so by doing these 3 things, you'll give, you'll become a leader, and you'll be thankful - what's not to love?

Happy Selling!