Selling at Markets and Fairs - The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid

There you are - at a Bridal Show or a market fair - and you're all pumped up to sell some awesome stuff. Your booth looks awesome, you are all jacked up on caffeine and you're ready to WOW some potential clients and help them with your talents and products.

Sometimes it goes well (yay!) and sometimes you're left exhausted, looking back and wondering "What the hell?! All that work but I didn't get as much as I thought I could've". Don't worry - you're not alone and being on your feet in a fast paced sales environment (which is exactly what these opportunities are) requires a different sales process all together.

Below are the Top 3 things I see entrepreneurs crash and burn doing at shows and the easy fixes to help spell out SUCCESS:

1. Preparing to make the 1st move. 

Remember preparing for an interview? A blind date? Your wedding vows? The nerves, the practicing in the mirror, the "Oh God, I hope I nail this" feeling in our gut - it was all there, and should be there for this show. This is your opportunity to make dozens, hundreds and possibly thousands of impressions on people, so while your booth design probably rocks (hello, creative fun!), make sure that you practice your lines and have a plan of interacting with your guests that A) Catches their attention and B) is genuine to you and your brand. Whether it's engaging them about how their day is going, asking them about their engagement story, or something that is unique to each person (like complimenting 1 thing about each person, sincerely), practice your conversation starters that gives off great vibes and you feel confident in.

2. They go super in depth immediately.

Sure, it's AMAZING that you use your grandmother's kiln or have a 98-point checklist for 30 days before the wedding, but when you speak with a potential client for the first time, remember what is important to you (aka your process, your details, your organization, whatever!) may not be important to them and/or may overwhelm them. The first step in speaking with a potential happy customer is hearing what THEY need and answering THEIR questions in ways that showcase and illuminate how what you do can really help them! 

3. Straight line emoji face. 

That's right, you've worked your tail off, been up since god-knows-when and you're now forced to continue on your feet for hours. Guess what - you signed up for this, you've done a great job and now this is truly the fun and payoff of all your hard work! So many times folks let tiredness, stress and their emotions get to them at shows, but I will tell you - 1st impressions are everything! Stay positive, bring snacks to fuel up before the show, and make sure you have backup. Personally, I love having a crew with me at shows - some set up help and then a few bodies to help energize my booth during the show. Rotate them out if it's a long shift or multiple-day event to keep things fresh and your mood bright. Biggest and easiest thing to do? Just remember to SMILE! It's contagious, fills your space with good vibes and makes your prospects 1000% more likely to talk to you versus your straight-faced alter ego you may be feeling inside.

In our next blog post, we'll discuss some basic successful strategies for in person, fast paced selling scenarios so you can knock it out of the park at the next pop up shop! 

Have something that's really worked for you in the past at trade shows, bridal fairs, or other markets? Email me at to be featured in my next blog!