by LunahZon Photography

 by LunahZon Photography

Hi, I'm Rachel!

I'm a Type-A, glass-half-full sales expert who builds custom business plans & sales strategies for female business owners.

I help women make more money, get more freedom & live the life they've always imagined for themselves.

I've got over a decade of experience making millions for other small businesses just like yours. I want to help motivated, passionate women define and achieve success on their terms and live the life they've always imagined.



Looking to make a lasting, high-impact impression to your company, team or organization? My high energy conference keynotes & workshops deliver real talk, real advice & real fun! 

I am relentless.

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From the kind of music I grew up loving (punk, hardcore, and metal) to the kind of beer you'll catch me ordering at the bar (Dubbels, Trippels, Quads, oh my!), I've always been someone who puts 150% into everything. From loving the challenge of what seems impossible, to conquering next-level goals in my personal & professional life, I've never settled for less than the best.

How does me being an intensely positive person help you? I'm constantly reading, researching, testing & sharing my results, experiences and gained knowledge - saving you valuable time & frustration. Just like kindling to a fire, my clients experience a surge of confidence & cash after my bootcamps & coaching.  

I believe that you should also be hardcore 150% about your business & your life - my tribe of clients are committed to being their best, most authentic selves and increasing their joy & profits.

Interested in chatting about your biz & seeing if I can help? Want me come speak to your group, conference, team or company?

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